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About Nanoelectronics Division

The rapid growth of electronics plays the most leading part to activate science and technology. Among many elemental technologies in electronics, the silicon devices and their large-scale integrating technique have been the basis for the progress of electronics. Moreover, various electron devices have been required to realize advanced functions in various information technology fields.

This course is intended to train how to research and develop various advanced electron devices, which enhance the next generation of electronics, with fundamental knowledge concerning material science, solid state physics, and nano processing technology. The course also includes the general educational research in microelectronics and the development of new fields.

In order to highly integrate functional devices, it is necessary to develop fundamental technology for nano processing of various materials to fabricate device structures. The scope is generation and control of plasmas, particle and photon beams for material processing; their application to fabricate various ultra fine structures; and processing, modeling, and designing for fabrication of highly integrated systems.

Main Research Fields
Integrated circuits, CAD for integrated systems, Quantum electron devices, Vacuum electronics, Ultra thin films, Super lattice, Surface and interface control, Plasma processing, Photon processing, Micro beam machining, Nano fabrication technique, Atomic manipulation, Micro electro-mechanical systems
Laboratories (Research Groups)
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